Thrive Uganda’s mission is to utilize compassion, love and generosity to interrupt the cycle of intergenerational poverty in rural Uganda by providing qualified youth with personal, financial and nutritional support to continue their education.  Education that is the cornerstone to achieve economic security and personal career aspirations.


Our three-pillar approach – Education, Nutrition, Mentoring – provides Thrive Uganda Achievers with wraparound support including personal development, academic assistance and financial support that enables our Achievers to learn, achieve and thrive thus breaking the cycle of generational poverty.

We work directly with youth, their parents and their rural community leaders. Our staff and volunteers are mentors, teachers and advocates.  In addition to academics, our Achievers learn and practice goal setting, work ethic, self-discipline, self-esteem, perseverance and resilience.


School fees and tutoring provide the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to achieve their goals.


One-on-one counseling promotes work ethic, motivation, positive self-image and mental wellbeing. Personnel development and career guidance is added at the secondary school level.


Regenerative gardening skills increase self-reliance, improve nutrition, reduce food insecurity and provide sustainable environmental land


  • Purchase a Garden for Thrive Uganda

    Thrive Uganda is participating in “SeedMoney”, a USA based 501c3, whose mission is to help more people gain access to delicious and nutritious organic foods grown close to home.

    Our fundraising on SeedMoney will allow Thrive Uganda to purchase a plot of land near our office in Kirembe village, Uganda.

    The garden will be used to teach local families land restoration, sustainable permaculture and environmental protection techniques. 

    Families will use these lessons to improve their home gardens which will improve the family’s nutrition and contribute to their economic well-being.

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