Our Program


Our first pillar is Education. Ugandan rural youth are highly motivated to learn, to excel, to achieve a future where they can be their best selves, live a dignified economically secure life and enjoy their freedom. 


Our Mentors – our second pillar – demonstrate to our Achievers that we care about them and we want them to learn and thrive with dignity.

Our mentors guide our Achievers to overcome challenges, take advantage of opportunities, become self-aware, be disciplined and focus on their education.

Our mentors emphasize to our Achievers the words of Abdul Kalam “Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference”. 

Our mentors also provide our Achievers with the tools to deal with the stress and trauma of their lives so they can better focus on their education. 


Thrive Uganda emphasizes the value of healthy food and Nutrition – our third pillar. We engage families on home-based food production to supplement their diet with healthy vegetables and reduce their food costs.

We educate our Achievers on small scale sustainable permaculture for food production, environmental protection, restoration and livelihood improvement.

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