Thrive Uganda, founded in 2021, is a social enterprise providing financial aid for education, volunteer mentors as advisors and role models for our participants, and nutrition education including permaculture techniques. Education – Mentoring – Nutrition: the building blocks for thriving adults.

Thrive Uganda embodies the philosophy of Jonathan Lee:

The focus of foreign assistance needs to shift from aid to enterprise, from poverty alleviation to wealth creation, from paternalism to partnerships, from handouts to investments, from seeing the poor as consumers or burdens to seeing them as creators and from encouraging dependency to integrating the poor into networks of productivity and exchange.”
“Why Foreign Aid Is Harmful.” Jonathan Lea Network, 6 April 2020

Thrive Uganda’s “Development” approach addresses the root causes of rural poverty and provides sustainable wealth creation which creates long-lasting change.

Thrive Uganda develops economic and social capacity that will enable Ugandan youth to develop into adults who thrive with dignity and economic self-reliance.

In Uganda


of the total population is below the age of 18


of the population live in extreme poverty and lack access to quality education, shelter, basic healthcare, proper nutrition, and clean water.

At Thrive Uganda

We refer to our program participants at “Thrivers”.


Volunteer hours (and counting) as of June 2022 to support our Thrivers


Thrivers currently accessing high-quality education at 2 primary schools and 1 secondary school and holistic psychosocial Support


Thrivers have received more than 3 mentoring sessions


Local households are learning to grow organic vegetables using permaculture techniques


As a social enterprise.  Social enterprises depend on donations for start-up expenses but our goal is to be self-sustaining within seven years. 

We have founded and are operating businesses to generate income that pays the enterprise’s expenses with the goal of being self-sustaining by 2030.  

Thrive Uganda BSFLarvae Animal Feeds

Producing and marketing highly nutritious food, organic fertilizer, and organic garden compost from Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Thrive Uganda Green House

Growing vegetable seedlings, tree seedlings, and flowers for sales to the local communities. The greenhouse will also provide paid work opportunities for Thrivers. 

Thrive Uganda Tourism

Guiding tourists in rural Uganda will accommodations in local cottages including healthy meals prepared on-site from local ingredients plus transportation and local guides lead tours of natural, historic and cultural areas. Tourists will also have the opportunity to meet Thrive Uganda volunteers and Thrivers. 

Thrive Uganda Nursery and Primary School

A Nursery and Primary School will be established for Thrivers with reduced or no tuition plus tuition-paying students.

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